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Welcome To Val's Sugar Shack Bakery Shop

Sweetest Shop In Town


Our Treats

Freshly Baked Treats Every Day



Our Home-made Apple, Cherry, Blueberry Turnovers baked fresh daily to perfection and are known to be a real crowd pleaser. Their delicious flavor and enticing aroma is so unbelievable that you just have to try one for yourself!

Various Cookies

We do our best to provide you with the most delicious assortment of cookies, every day, fresh from the oven. Stop by to get yourself one or more!

Blueberry Muffins

Our Muffins are baked each morning so there’s always a fresh one waiting for you. This is a pciture of our Chocolate Chip Muffins. Take one home today, or pre-order some for your next event.

More Delicous Treats

Freshly Baked Treats Every Day


Coffee Cake Muffin

Our Coffee Cake Muffins are unique and taste delicious baked fresh daily to perfection and are loved by our customers. You will have to try one to experience the pleasure for yourself!

Colorful Cakes

We are able to supply you with all your cake needs! Wedding Cakes, birthday Cakes, Special Occasions.

Assorted Sweets

We have a great varity of sweets available each day. Baked fresh each morning. If you have an idea to share, we would love to hear it!

Contact Us

If you’d like to taste one of our goodies or want to place an order, get in touch with us today by giving us a call! We are only taking remote orders by phone currently.

601 N. 3rd St. Red Oak, IA


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